make art
make art

with a.i.

But we don't just make A.I. art. That's too easy.

Artstronauts hosts A.I. creativity events to explore our psyches, push the limits of creativity, empower people to use A.I., and create a collective imagination. It's epic.

social creativity with ai

A.I. art-making jam sessions.
Live exhibition
through AI.
Exploring the future of humanity.

Join an eager, curious, boundary-pushing group of Artstronauts that want to play, adventure, and create with A.I. — this is where you change the game.

experiences for human-AI alignment

We believe A.I. has mad potential. And that everyone should have the opportunity to improve their lives with A.I. — young, and old. And the first step towards that is making AI more accessible.

Artstronauts is a space to speak to people, ask questions, provoke thought, and have interesting conversations, so that we can imagine what's possible, what's probable, and how we can ensure that AI benefits everyone.

what next?

Great question. In fact, it's the question.

→ Attend one of our AI art experiences.
→ Join our online community.
→ Ask questions.
→ And, above all, be curious.

Use the links below to begin your adventure, and dive in!